I offers short or long workshops in in micro to macro typography and basic type design. I also lecture extensively giving the appropriate lecture where needed be it is a general talk about typedesign or about one particular type project to typographic detailing.

Here is a project I have done with final year students at IDEP Design School in Barcelona.

At the end of the istd project I do a one week intensive type drawing workshop with master Catalan calligrapher Oriol Miro. Students are put in groups of 4. Each group is asked to design and execute six 100x30cm half size panels, 100x30cm panels for the local indoor market. Each group must come up with a ‘corporate style’ that can be adapted for each individual market stool: Peixateria (Fish), Fruites & Vertdures (Fruit & Vegetables), Licors & Begudes (Liquor & Beverages), Ultramatines (Grocery), Aviram & Ous (Poultry & Eggs), Carnisseria (meat). All the students moan when we tell them to leave their computers at home, but at the end of the week they all say how much they loved the project and how they found hand skills they did not know they had.

One group after drawing a nearly complete alphabet by hand digitised it and made a font. Example below.