Letraset decade

I produced many typefaces for Letraset over the next ten years. Often Colin Brignall and I discussed what kind of design was needed and I would then prepare the drawings and then the Letraset studio would cut the letters in Rubylith film, an incredibly skilful and accurate art of preparing the letters before photographing them to be made into films for the final screen printing of the Letraset sheets. Freda Sack who worked in the studio excelled at the art of cutting in Rubylith film. Later Letraset digitized the drawing using the Ikarus software and the necessity of cutting in Rubylith film was gone.

I am still very happy with some of the typefaces I did for Letraset: Agincourt, Blackmoor, Aquinas and Bordeaux still work for me although I now see some things that could be improved.

With Agincourt I tried to capture the spirit of the battle, not the actual battle which was probably horrific, but the one portrayed in the play by Shakespeare. Especially when Henry V cries, ‘Cry God fro Harry, England and St. George!’.